Find a group of people that challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life - Amy Poehler

INDULGE™ is a day for women to put themselves first, define their own balance and feel like Badass Babe Warriors™. It is for any woman and every woman no matter their fitness level, beliefs or time in life.

We invite you to put yourself first, move your body, be inspired, feel release, dance a little (or a lot), meet kind souls, dream and more than anything, BREATHE.

Signature EVENTS

INDULGE Fall 2018 // September 29th 2018

REVEL - Now Men CAn INDULGE // October 2018




Hear of Ayurveda but not sure what it is? We have you covered! 

Learn more about the sister science to yoga. Learn more about your characters, wellness practices to support your dosha and snag some recipes to support your winter wellness.




"This event put my life in a different perspective. You made the guilt of taking time for myself go away. Thank you for making me feel the importance of taking care of myself, so I am more whole as a person, as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter, sister and friend. Thank you so very much!"

"It was outstanding. Such an inspirational, life changing event. I was blown away by it all. I felt inspired, spoiled, loved, challenged, and encouraged. What more could I want? Not a thing. It was AMAZING. Thank you for everything!!!!! xoxoxo"

"This was my favorite "health" event that I've ever been too! I loved the combination of speakers, movement, food. The topics were great, it helped build community, it was fun! I would go to something like this monthly (or more) if it was offered. It was an incredible event and you could tell how much passion and love was put into it."