What time is INDULGE?

INDULGE KC // April 14th // Checkin @ 11:30

Where is INDULGE?

City Gym Downtown: 913 McGee St.Kansas City, MO 64106

I've never worked out?

No worries. We got you. 

I've never done yoga?

Relax, it'll be fine. 

What should I wear? 

Workout clothes. Tennis shoes, sneakers, whatever the kids are callin 'em these days. 

What if I cannot do it all?

There are snacks and stuff to keep you entertained until we are done moving.  

Don't have a yoga mat?

Let us know, we will bring you one.

Where do I park?

First let me say, I really dig some carpooling, ya know? That said, City Gym Downtown is located on McGee between 9th and 10th streets. This is an urban environment so give yourself some extra time to find parking. There is ample street parking where you can park all day. Complimentary garage parking is available on a first come, first serve basis. Enter the parking garage off of 9th Street between McGee and Oak. Take a ticket and proceed DOWN to levels 2 or 1. (The bottom level is 1.) Take the elevator located in the NW corner up to level 5. The level is marked with a "City Gym" sign in the elevator. You will need to obtain a parking ticket at the end of the event to validate. You place your ticket in the machine and then the validated ticket as "payment." If you decide to park on the street, please do not leave any valuables visible in your car. 

(Note that parking in front of the building on McGee is limited to one hour. But there is other all day parking on the street)

Are there showers?

Yes, but are you really gonna use it? Probably not. But if you want to, you can. I won't judge you... I don't think. 

Are there bathrooms?

Wouldn't it be awkward if there wasn't? 

Will there be snacks?

Hahahaha. absolutely.

Is there water?

Please bring your water bottle cause we love the environment. 

What should I bring?

Water bottle, yoga mat and an open mind. 

Do I need to come with a friend?

Dude, you got this. But if you want to that's cool, too. 

Do you accept refunds?

We do not accept refunds. 

More Questions?