What time is INDULGE?

INDULGE KC // September 29th // Checkin @ 11a

Where is INDULGE?

Freight House Fitness: 1618 Wyoming St, Kansas City, MO 64102

I've never worked out?

No worries. We got you. 

I've never done yoga?

Relax, it'll be fine. 

What should I wear? 

Workout clothes. Tennis shoes, sneakers, whatever the kids are callin 'em these days. 

What if I cannot do it all?

There are snacks and stuff to keep you entertained until we are done moving.  

Don't have a yoga mat?

Let us know, we will bring you one.

Where do I park?

First let me say, I really dig some carpooling, ya know? There is street parking at FH and 90 of you coming… you do the math. Arrive early.

Are there showers?

Yes, but are you really gonna use it? Probably not. But if you want to, you can. I won't judge you... I don't think. 

Are there bathrooms?

Wouldn't it be awkward if there wasn't? That’d be funny.

Will there be snacks?

Hahahaha. absolutely. Do you even know me? A LOT OF SNACKS!

Is there water?

Please bring your water bottle cause we love the environment. 

What should I bring?

Water bottle, yoga mat and an open mind. 

Do I need to come with a friend?

Dude, you got this. But if you want to that's cool, too. 

Do you accept refunds?

We do NOT accept refunds. 

More Questions?