What to expect

Hey babes! You should expect a helluva good time. We have activities but it isn't over planned. We have live music (oh hey Jessica Paige!) We have a variety of beverages both alcoholic and not (High West, Casa Noble, The Real McCoy). All of the liquor is no sugar added and chemical free. You will be fed meals made up of amazing ingredients (read below for more details)

Please arrive at 4p to check in. Check out will be going down at 10A 

Address of Hoot Owl: 30750 Osawatomie Rd, Paola, KS 66071

Amenities - there will be three porta-potties on location, an outdoor shower, each tent has a patio, fire pits, pool, shaded porch for chillin, pond and meditation meadow. 

Everything is a queen bed. Most are super fancy inflatable mattresses with mattress covers, sheets and blankets. Each person has a pillow.  

Directions and Parking

From 169 Highway south out of Overland Park (to the Louisburg exit) or from going south out of Olathe on 69 Highway:  Go to Highway K68 and exit west  to Lone Star Road, turn left  and go to 303rd Street.  Turn right on 303rd St, and go 2 miles (west)  to Osawatomie Road.  Turn left and go 1/2 mile and we're on the right. 



We will be directing parking a you arrive. Due to space and our love of the environment, please work to carpool. If you do not have someone to carpool with and are interested reach out to Sarah at sarah@we-indulge.com or Meredith at modwellnesskc@gmail.com

What to wear

Swimsuit, sandals, closed toe shoes, comfy clothes for hanging outside, pajamas, yoga clothes, whatever you want to ride home in. Optional to bring activewear or change clothes cause ya might get sweaty. There is a meditation meadow - if you plan to go on a walk we suggest long pants and closed toed shoes. 

What are we eating

We will be having a farm to table dinner including vegetarian and paleo options and a vegetarian breakfast. We have done everything we can to respect all dietary restrictions. That said, there are 40 of you and we are human so if you are super strict and stressed about it, you may want to pack some of your favorite snacks. There isn't anywhere to run and grab something and once you have a sip of alcohol you are not welcome to drive. Also, we have snacks but if you did a 1000 calorie workout in the morning... I am not positive we have you covered. 

Thank you David's Pasture, St Claire Farmstead, Nature's OwnIbis BakeryUnbakery + Juicery and RX Bar - You all are AMAZING! We couldn't be more proud to partner with such high quality companies. 

What to bring

There will be a pillow per person but if you want your own or like to double (or triple) down, be sure to bring yours. Other option is to have one extra cocktail before you go to bed... eh? We have tons lanterns but if a flashlight interests you, cool, bring it. 

We have homemade bugs spray (If you want some deet in your life, bring it, I might), natural sunscreen (thank you Hand and Land!) individual deodorant (Schmidts Naturals for the win!) and EMBR has gifted you all wipes to have clean feet when you go to bed. 

We have plenty to drink including liquor, wine and light beer but if there is a special cocktail mixer or beer you would like we will have coolers for you to drop it in.

Things highly recommend to tote along:

  • Camping chair
  • Yoga mat
  • Towel
  • Water bottle

Additional considerations:

  • Sunscreen if you want a certain SPF
  • Bug spray if you want a specific kind
  • Pillow if you want more than one or your own
  • Blanket to sit on
  • Frisbee
  • Battery operated fan for sleeping
  • Beer or mixer if you have a preference

Reach out with more questions, comments, suggestions for a good time. 

invitation to disconnect

We will have two badass photographers from Black Coffee Photography on site so we invite you to put your phone away even if for a bit. This is an opportunity to let go, breath fresh air, connect with others and feel alive. Distance from technology might feel nice. 

What not to bring

No cigs, no drugs, no fire arms, nothing stupid. Cool? Cool. 

Respect the location

There are hella birds on location (like peacocks and shit) so please do not leave trash sitting around. They will be interested in eating it and we do not want harm them in any manner.