This isn’t a pep talk. Its a reality check. You are ok just where you are and fully capable of becoming who you want to be. It is up to you to make the move.


INDULGE 2019 - October 26th 2019

A day to put yourself first, define your own balance and feel like a Badass Babe Warriors™.

INTEGRATE II - Coming Soon

For business professionals looking to integrate work + life to enhance their well-being and the well-being of their coworkers.

Until We INDULGE KC + LFK - Coming Soon

music-driven, body-weight workout will include elements of meditation, yoga and functional movement. It is movement that requires you to tap into your breath, mind and spirit. You will dig deep to motivate yourself and the community around you. We will move together, become stronger, leave lighter. Enjoy networking with your local empowered female community and getting to know local wellness, fitness and lifestyle businesses.




INDULGE™ is a day for women to put themselves first, define their own balance and feel like Badass Babe Warriors™. It is for any woman and every woman no matter their fitness level, beliefs or time in life.

We invite you to put yourself first, move your body, be inspired, feel release, dance a little (or a lot), meet kind souls, dream and more than anything, BREATHE.

Motivational Speaking


Sarah speaks on topics such as life as a practice, the importance of authenticity and power of tribe. In her talks she helps you see that you are absolutely ok just where you are and you have all the tools within you to become exactly who you imagine becoming.

This isn’t a pep talk. Its a reality check that you are fully capable. It is up to you to make the move.

Corporate Experiences


Sarah works with companies to adopt wellness/mindful practices to help employees increase energy, health, happiness and productivity.

She works with executive level on making cultural changes, entire companies on adopting practices and brings INDULGE events in to encourage employees to define their balance.

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“This was my favorite “health” event that I’ve ever been too! I loved the combination of speakers, movement, food. The topics were great, it helped build community, it was fun! I would go to something like this monthly (or more) if it was offered. It was an incredible event and you could tell how much passion and love was put into it.”
— INDULGE Attendee
What a wonderful day. I am grateful for Sarah’s courage and drive to bring so many wonderful women together, lifting each other to new heights! INDULGE is a great space, with a wonderful vibe and inspiring culture. Sarah creates an experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and empowered, inspiring the thought that life is not always a linear path.
— Beth Wade // VMLY&R Global Chief Marketing Officer
“This event put my life in a different perspective. Thank you for making me feel the importance of taking care of myself, so I am more whole as a person, as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter, sister and friend. Thank you so very much!”
— INDULGE Attendee

Partners of INDULGE