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This INTEGRATE and event is companies and business professionals looking to integrate work + life to enhance their well-being and the well-being of their coworkers.

We live in a world where we define and divide our time between work and life. If something comes up or life happens, these compartments get intruded on, we get off balance and everything seems to crumble. By learning how to integrate life and work, we are able to decrease stress and increase energy, health, happiness and productivity.


Currently, companies are hosting steps challenges, giving reimbursements for attending the gym and cash rewards for getting an annual physical. There is a gap between what employees value and what is being offered. It leaves employees feeling like a required check box rather than a sense of being cared for and in turn damages rapport which increases turnover.

Loss of productivity results in costs 2.3 times higher than insurance rates.

By incorporating an experience liked INTEGRATE, companies will enhance employees overall well-being, increase insurance saving and in addition, have a significant impact on recruitments, retention and productivity and lower costs over time.

The Experience

INTEGRATE offers a total of three education, workshops and/or experiences that meet the new social capital expectations of employees. These experiences result in enhanced well-being by empowering employees with practices that decrease stress, build stronger relationships and aid in healthier life both in and outside the office.


  • Increased productivity

  • Decreased stress + anxiety

  • Clarity + focus

  • Increased purpose and feeling of value

  • Better sleep

  • Stronger relationships

  • Self-awareness and satisfaction

  • Kindess and understanding

  • Strong rapport and retention

  • Higher recruitment

What They Are Saying

“What a wonderful day. I am grateful for Sarah’s courage and drive to bring so many wonderful women together, lifting each other to new heights! INDULGE is a great space, with a wonderful vibe and inspiring culture. Sarah creates an experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and empowered, inspiring the thought that life is not always a linear path. ”

— Beth Wade // VMLY&R Global Chief Marketing Officer

This was my favorite "health" event that I've ever been to! I loved the combination of speakers, movement, food. The topics were great, it helped build community, it was fun! I would go to something like this monthly (or more) if it was offered. It was an incredible event and you could tell how much passion and love was put into it.

- INDULGE attendee


Grateful for this community of companies dedicated to integrating work and life for great well-being.


Want to bring wellness and mindfulness to your workspace? Let's chat!