OCTOBER 27th, 2018 @ Freight House Fitness



REVEL is an event centered on latest health + fitness trends as well as contextual conversations. It is an opportunity for men to come together to sweat, be inspired and network.

This day will be led by some of Kansas City’s wellness experts, innovative fitness professionals and you’ll be fed by local KC sponsors. It won’t disappoint.

It is time men get their own event. 

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times may shift slightly

Check-In // 11:30a

Welcome // Noon

Sarah Buchanan

The past will not define me // 12:05

With past that is undeserving, Sean turned to outlets that were not leading him in the direction he planned. This is his story of climbing out of his past, his fight to save a relationship with the love of his life and create a space for others to thrive.

Sean Van Horn

Stress Management // 12:30

Dr. Damon Heybrock

Discuss how to build and maintain healthy habits in preventing and treating stress to restore proper balance to your and developing and sustaining healthy relationships and tips to minimize the impact of stress on those relationships.

Bootcamp // 1:00

Sean Van Horn

30 minute bootcamp class isolating a body part. This workout is designed target one area for a complete muscle burn to help build and tone that muscle!

Naturaletics // 1:30

Aaron Hannon

Merging several fitness principles with yoga, calisthenics and natural movement, Aaron has created his own model. With this innovation you will feel invigorated, ready to experience a better exercise and move through your life more freely.

Navigating the #metoo movement // 2:00

Dr. Kim Wallace- Vandegeest

Discuss how the #metoo overlooked a very large portion of people who have been abused in our society, adding to their silence and shame.  In addition, many men who get their sex education via media images designed to assist in sexual pleasure.  This doesn’t translate well to intimate relationship that won't let men have space for that deep desire.

The Ultimate Rebound // 2:45

Ricardo is a victim of a random act of violence, a drive-by shooting that left him with a bullet in his spine. Deciding to take tragedy and turn it into something positive, he used his competitive attitude to drive him towards a fast recovery and a bright future.

Ricardo Lucien

Yoga for Athletes // 3:30

Stefan Hoffman

Yoga will help you with your sport enhancing athletic performance, preventing injuries and increasing flexibility. Find ways to cross-train and become stronger.



We are grateful for our partners in REVEL