Topics Sarah Speaks On:

Value of Authenticity

There is no moment in life where being anything less than authentic will land you where you meant to go. By conforming to the opinions around us we steal from ourselves and miss out the opportunity to thrive as we are meant to.

Learn how to let go of comparison, identify your strengths and work with others to work beyond our own barriers.

Life as a Practice

If we treat life as a practice then there is no failure there is only learning. Every day we can perform to be our best rather than perfect. Creating an environment where evolution is celebrated rather than ridiculed.

The potential of failure encourages us to set lower expectations of ourselves to avoid disappointment.

Instead, what if each moment in the journey was viewed as a learning moment. Possibility becomes infinite.


Introduce mindfulness + wellness practices into your life to increase energy, health, happiness and productivity.

Learn practice that relieve stress and be present and integrate them into your daily life.

Build an understanding of meditation not as a practice of not thinking but instead a way to release stress. This increases the use of meditation to enhance your well-being.

What They Are Saying

“What a wonderful day. I am grateful for Sarah’s courage and drive to bring so many wonderful women together, lifting each other to new heights! INDULGE is a great space, with a wonderful vibe and inspiring culture. Sarah creates an experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and empowered, inspiring the thought that life is not always a linear path. ” - Beth Wade // VMLY&R Global Chief Marketing Officer

“Loved it! This was very helpful and since she had a background in advertising all the tips felt relevant and relatable. Would love to have her come back and do more. Could see small groups or team sessions helpful, too.” - MBB Advertising

This was my favorite "health" event that I've ever been to! I loved the combination of speakers, movement, food. The topics were great, it helped build community, it was fun! I would go to something like this monthly (or more) if it was offered. It was an incredible event and you could tell how much passion and love was put into it. - INDULGE attendee

In efforts to bring a positive, engaging, and relatable speaker to sorority women at Rockhurst University, the Panhellenic Council couldn't think of anyone better for the job than Sarah Buchanan! Sarah came to campus to share her experiences and life lessons regarding the power of authenticity. The students loved her honesty, humor, and interactive speech. One girl said, "I walked away from our time with Sarah and felt like I was floating on a cloud. Her breathing exercises, personal stories, and overall sense of authenticity was so refreshing. I LOVED hearing her speak!" - Caroline Adams (Rockhurst University

Sarah came to speak the students of Notre Dame de Sion High School For Girls about self-care, health, and wellness. She was an engaging speaker and very well received.  The students found her casual vibe easy to relate to. She was motivating and gave tangible recommendations for teenage girls that were thought provoking and practical to their lives. - Jenny Brown-Howerton (SION High School)