Tuesday April 30th at 6:30-8:00p at Brookside Gardens

This 75 minute, music-driven, body-weight workout will include elements of meditation, yoga and functional movement. It is movement that requires you to tap into your breath, mind and spirit. You will dig deep to motivate yourself and the community around you. We will move together, become stronger, leave lighter

Like INDULGE, you will be challenged, empowered, and come together with a community of women focused on self evolution and supporting one another.

We believe you can always take a break, so this workout IS for everybody. But know it will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Led by some Kansas City Favorites

Sarah Buchanan of Woodside

Founder of INDULGE. When it gets tough and you decided to dig in, you decide to endure, that the good shit. That’s when you become capable of anything.

ClassPass instructor of the year x2, The Pitch Instructor of The Year + Lululemon ambassador.

Sarah leads Cycling + Yoga at Woodside, Yoga at Power Life.

Lora Swarts of Corepower Yoga

In Lora’s class you will set a personal and powerful intention, move to the beat of the music, balance on your hands, and have fun!

She creates space that allows you to both feel compassion and strength.

Lora is an E-RYT CorePower Yoga instructor and studio manager.

Cara Duke of Health House

Cara is an instructor at Health House with a fire burning passion for encouraging clients to push beyond their limits.

Cara’s energy lights up the room, and her jams flow through your veins. You’re guaranteed to leave feeling strong, confident, and even wanting to dance a little! 

Cara leads Rip + Row at Health House

Kyleigh Gould of Power Life

Kyleigh’s idea of making an ab workout EXTRA is getting you to belly laugh while holding a minute plank post burpee sesh.

She is the sweetest babe so the soul-crushing workout feels like a surprise attack.

Kyleigh teaches Power Sculpt + Warrior Werk at Power Life.