Monday September 16th at 5:30-8:00p at Abe & Jakes Landing

INDULGE is an event that takes place in Kansas City to celebrate women and their well-being. It is 6 hours for women to put themselves first, define their own balance and feel like badass babe warriors. The next INDULGE is this October but we cannot wait so we are popping up in Lawrence to get this party started.

5:30p | Checkin + Local Vendors

6:00p | Workout

7:00p | Beer (included in ticket price) and Local Vendors

This 60 minute, music-driven, body-weight workout will include elements of meditation, yoga and functional movement. It is movement that requires you to tap into your breath, mind and spirit. You will dig deep to motivate yourself and the community around you. We will move together, become stronger, leave lighter

Enjoy networking with your local empowered female community and getting to know local wellness, fitness and lifestyle businesses.

Led by some of your favorites


Sarah Buchanan

Founder of INDULGE. When it gets tough and you decided to dig in, you decide to endure, that the good shit. That’s when you become capable of anything.

ClassPass instructor of the year x2, The Pitch Instructor of The Year, Lululemon ambassador and Garmin Ambassador.

Sarah leads Cycling + Yoga at Woodside, Yoga at Power Life.


Maria Cuevas

Yoga instructor, musician, and lover of mindful, music-driven movement…

Maria’s teaching honors the traditional eastern elements of yoga while incorporating fun, energetic, strengthening movement with breath support.

Maria teaches yoga at OmTree Shala and Woodside.


Whitney Schneider

A local trainer and gym owner coaches women to become stronger both physically and mentally. We have the power to overcome any obstacle and come out confident in our presence.

Best of Lawrence finalist for two years in a row.

Whitney coaches multiple women’s strength training groups at Kondition Haus.


Mea Austin

Executive Coach, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Exercise Energy Leader. She inspires people to create positive change in their personal and work lives.

She encourages participants in Kickboxing, Pound, Hip-Hop, Zumba, TRX, Weightlifting, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, HIIT classes.

She owns Fusion Space Share and teaches at a variety of locations.



Buti Yoga Instructor. Sharing this practice has been my mission and passion for the last three years. I focus on balance + restoring overall vitality on the physical, emotional, and and energetic levels. This healing modality, which pairs dynamic asana with intentional shaking + vibration and bomb ass music, is the healing catalyst for ALL bodies.


Pretty Dang Grateful For The Support of This Community