One Piece of Advice from your Food YEAH! Panelists

About a month ago, we rocked it at Food YEAH! A Food Panel For You. After the event it was clear that, yeah, of course what we eat has an impact our wellness. But I think that is why you all showed up. You knew that already. It is also clear that doing it "perfectly" can be demanding and feel nearly impossible while also trying to manage that little thing we do every day called life. 

After the event, and taking in all that we heard, I reached out to the panelist and asked them for one piece of advice they want to share with the audience. Below is what they had to say. 

Make good sleep and water a priority. If you sleep well, it is easier to do everything else well. If you drink water then digestion, sleep, and eating to be full become more achievable. These are two things that are available to everyone in our audience and I think it is great to start with what is available.

- Sarah Buchanan @we.indulge

Practice body kindness and give yourself some grace. We are all human and humans are imperfect beings. It’s not about having the perfect diet - there is no such thing as a perfect diet.

- Cara Harbstreet of Street Smart Nutrition // @streetsmart.rd

Hydrate. Hydrate on a cellular level not just to take care of thirst but further. If your thirsty you’re overly dehydrated. If you drink dietetics add the same amount in water on top of half your body weight. Remember fat doesn’t make you fat. Good fats make you healthy and smart!

- Robin Krause of Unbakery and Juicery // @unbakeryandjuicery

Un-plug, get out into the fresh air, leave your phone at home!!!  Begin to take-in nature.  Practice mindfulness & thinking for yourself instead of listening to podcasts or inhaling some other form of information.  If you really need grounding - stick your hands in the dirt!  If you've got a backyard, start a garden!  At the very least, commit to shopping at an outdoor farmers market and connecting with people (even just once a month!). Spend five bucks, try one new veggie, it can't hurt - it can only open your taste buds and your mind. 

- Brooke Salvaggio of Urbavore Urban Farm // @urbavorefarm

Caffeine is not the energy our bodies truly crave and NOT a meal. Go eat some food when you are hungry.

- Abbi Miller of Abbi Miller Holistic Nutrition and Yoga // @abbimillerholistic

Always start with one change -- something manageable, tell someone for accountability/encouragement and create a goal/reward.  Healthy choices beget more healthy choices.  (Working with your Doc to decide on the best first step is always helpful -- wink, wink)

- Dr. Damon Heybrock of Health Studio KC // @healthstudiokc

My hope is that experiences like this can leave you feeling empowered with knowledge but I am also aware they fuel a desire to be perfect in every decision. Please be patient with yourself. Begin by being proud of where you are now. Then take baby steps. We all have so much we are juggling and life is already overwhelming. Take time to consider that you are pretty great already.