Three Wellness Practices I Am Trying In December

You guys! I get so pumped about everything happening around the Kansas City community and the fitness/wellness community. It seems like everyday I am hearing about one, two, five new great products, stores, workouts and I just want to try them ALL! Put a good looking package on something and I am sold! But lets be serious, I do not need them all. 

In addition, if you saw my recent post about mono-tasking, you know I am focused on doing one thing at a time rather than doing all the things all the time. This is part of my journey to be mindful and minimal. So rather than being distracted by every shiny object - I am going to focus on trying a few new things each month. I'll share them here, you can follow along on IG story to see how it goes throughout the month. 

HerE are 3 wellness practices for December


Ok, I heard about dry brushing about 6 years ago and have been curious ever since. A little nervous cause I heard the first time is less than comfortable but after it is suppose to great and the benefits plentiful. Kinda like working out, right?!  Dry brushing is a method of detoxing by using a firm bristled brush on your skin for 3-5 minutes a day across your whole body (their might be couple parts of my body I call off-limits if ya know what I mean...). This practice is promised to boost circulation, sweep away dead skin cells, stimulate the lymph nodes, improve digestion, improve the appearance of cellulite (Im sorry, can I get an amen!), and help the cells and body remove waste. Also, I saw my friend Shannon after she dry brushed last week and her skin looks freaking amazeballs. So, lets finally do this! 

(anyone have a recommendation on brushes? about to jump on amazon and get me one!)

2. Unplugging

Surprise! Looking at your phone before your bed can confuse your body to believing it is daytime. In addition (and specifically for me) it keeps you alert and does not allow your brain to decompress for the night so you can get that relaxed comfiness that offers the good good rest. So, I am committing to turning my phone on airplane and do not disturb mode at 8:30p Sunday-Thursday. This is the one I am most guaranteed to fail but also need the most. Here goes nothin. 

3. City Shape

You guys! Did you know there is a local option for studio hopping? It includes Power Life Yoga, Mojo Cycling Studio, Pilates of Kansas City and many more. It also includes discounts at my favorite local shops included Skin KC, Unbakery & Juicery, Enjoy and so many more? Basically shopping local to shop local. Does it get better? Um no. If you did not know, you're welcome. Shannon, the founder, offered me up a class pack for the month and I am on Cloud 9! So follow along and I'll show ya all the goods! Who wants to work out with meeeee?!

Wish me luck! It won't be perfect but I am hoping to pick up some knowledge, fresh perspective and new habits.

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