Make Your Phone Mindful

Ok ok ok, I am that asshole that was texting on their phone. I still sneak in one here and there. I deserve the honking, eye rolls, snarky remarks. Take a few minutes to let them all out. I can feel them, they don't feel good, but it's what I need.

I know it is terrible, but I am a phone addict and I do not want to be! So I have begun to put my phone in the backseat of my car. I have considered buckling it up. Not for safety but to lock it away so I cannot get my mits on it! You guys, it was/is bad. 

Here is the truth, my business is run through social media, email, texts, etc. It is a social biz and I have messages hitting me from every direction. When I go to revisit a conversation for information, I cannot remember if it was on Instagram, text, email, Facebook.... ahhhhhh! Help me! I can feel it melting my brain and over-sensitizining me. Contrary to popular belief, I am an introvert and reenergize by being alone with my thoughts. That said, I do love all of my conversations and connections so I just need to figure out a way to manage the goodness, ya hear?

Anyways, I picked up Times special Mindfullness edition and it has me considering a lot of things. Here are a few specific to my phone that I have adjusted to make my phone and myself more mindful. 

1. REMOVE excess apps

When I was a kid I would keep EVERYTHING! Somewhere along the line I realized how ridiculous it was and starting throwing away EVERYTHING. Earlier this year when we moved in our new place I made Tim and myself pick out two water bottles and two travel coffee mugs (we do not need 52 of each that we don't even like for one reason or another). If I am getting rid of real things,  why am I collecting 5 billion apps on my phone? I do not need three meditation apps, that require memberships that I don't own and the billion apps that edit social media content. I went through and if I could not remember using them or identify a specific purpose, I deleted them. There are still quite a few but definitely a lot less. Now when I go to my phone I am noting scrolling through to find what I need, it is right in front of me.

2. Turned off alerts

Ok, I do not need every single alert that comes through. Like every like on IG, people who comment on things I commented on Facebook. I mean that baby was freaking cute, there is going to be 500 messages after I comment I do not need that ish! Also, it gives me a sense of urgency to check it out, see what is going on. So here is the deal, I turned off alerts. I check social media quite enough on my own. I don't need the nudge to get on. 

3. Ordered an alarm clock

If you read my Three Wellness Practice I Am Trying in December, you know that shutting my phone down at 8:30p was one. I knew I would fail but I didn't know it would be this bad. I cannot have that little sucker staring at me from the nightstand and not play with it! So I have ordered an alarm clock. It is one of those daylight alarm clocks that slowly wakes you by getting brighter then the alarm rather than BOOM! in your face ringing at 5a. I thought it was Prime but it wasn't (gahhhh!) so I get it end of December. It will be a transition because I teach early morning classes and need to build trust with the alarm clock before ditching the phone alarm but the future is promising!

Are you all little angels? Zero phone addiction? Am I alone! 

Happy mindful mobilizing y'all!