Supplements Series | Post One | Individualized Wellness

I believe wellness is pretty straight forward. Get good sleep, surround yourself with good energy, drink lots of water, eat well and move. And for me, that is the order of importance. My life is enhanced when I can put peppermint essential oils in the diffuser in the morning or throw back a Life Equals Balance shot when veggies just aren’t quite an option.

I absolutely love hearing about what is out there in the wellness scene, recent studies and how we can all optimize our health. So much so, that I left my previous career to start my own business and dedicate myself to how we can live our best life. Because of that I am lucky that people often share information and ideas with me and want to support me in my personal wellness journey.

It can also be overwhelming to receive so much information. How am I suppose to take it all on? What is best for me, my body and my routine? It is not that I am disinterested in what people have to offer because I am actually deeply intrigued and I am grateful to learn more about what is out there - but I need to know that it benefits me in the mix of everything else I have going on including stress, sleep, relationships, food, etc.

That said…

It was a breath of fresh air when Wellnicity reached out to me to offer to take me through a testing process to discover what it was my body need before asking me to try their product. I felt they had listened to what I was saying and reached out with an opportunity for me to discover more about body.

The first step with Wellnicity was to choose testing that fits my wellness needs and interests. Each test began with a questionnaire and was followed by a discussion with a Clinician (I work with Natalie, a nutritionist and I just love her!). I went with two tests. 

  • My Brain Balance: To find out if a chemical imbalance is contributing to my issues with anxiety, depression, mood, sleep, focus, memory, weight challenges, fatigue and more.

    I struggle with anxiety for most of my life and I am nervous person. I know I know, I have learned how to  mask it but then it comes out in fast talking, forgetting names and being short. I have found some management with hydration, sleep and movement. I am very interested in how I can get more control of my anxiety and stress with supplements.

  • My Stress Balance: To find out if hormone irregularities are contributing to my issues with anxiety, fatigue, mood regulation, sleep cycle disturbances and more.

    Again with the anxiety. But I also go through mood phases through out the day and get on bouts of sleep schedule disruption where I am awake for a couple hours between 2a-6a. I am going through one right now and it can be tough on my early morning teaching schedule, energy levels in the afternoon and overall mood.

I recently received my test results back and I was a bit mind blown. I will be sharing my results and my experience with Wellnicity as I get acclimated with my supplements. So looking forward to discovering more about my body through this journey. Stay tuned!

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