How To Pitch Your Company On Evolving Corporate Wellness To Enhance Employees Well-being

Here is the deal. Many companies have wellness programs in place but they are in the business of checking boxes rather than understanding what can benefit their employees long term to reduce stress, increase productivity and lower company costs. INTEGRATE is here to change that. can change that. 

Or maybe your company doesn’t have a current wellness program in place but you are trying to figure out how to encourage HR and leadership to adopt experiences that enhance you and your peers’ well-being.

Here are 8 points to help pitch your boss and HR on attending and adopting INTEGRATE into your company.

Change mindset before adding habits:

Many companies are coming in and offering free fruit and steps programs. These are great tools to create a healthy lifestyle but they do not address the root cause of unhealthy lifestyle. INTEGRATE connects with employees mindset and offers them tools and practices that change the way they view and adopt wellness habits. This approach offers itself to long term change rather than episodic habits.

Reduce Stress + Make Everything Better

Let’s face it, work causes stress. Life causes stress. We have stress! If companies set employees up to manage stress with proactive practices you will see:

  • Increase in individual's productivity at work

  • Reduced absence

  • Improved sleep which is the basis of good health

  • Reduced irritability, anxiety, depression… and the list goes on

Improve Retention and Retainment

By increasing employees’ well-being, companies will see an increase in happy employees and referrals. Based on Limeades’s 2016 Well-Being & Engagement Report, higher well-being has a massive affect on employees perception of their work environments, retention and recruitment. Studies show that employees will enjoy work more, be more loyal to their teams, more likely to recommend their company and less likely to leave.

Make Employees Feel Cared For! 

Currently, companies are reimbursing employees for attending the gym and offering cash rewards for getting an annual physical. But, there is a gap between what employees value and what is being offered. It leaves employees feeling like a required check box rather than a sense of being cared for and in turn damages rapport and it misses the point. Enhance employees health so your company will reduce to spend on low productivity and cash rewards that rarely result in enhanced well-being.

Build Confidence

INTEGRATE experience will leave employees energized, empowered, and ready to dive back into their job with more fervor than ever. There’s something about the energy generated at INTEGRATE that gives attendees the focus and confidence they need to really assess and hone their strengths.

Encourage Creativity

Studies have shown that adopting mindfulness practices like meditation and enhancing ones well-being not only unleashes creativity but creates a team mindset of building on one another’s ideas. The affects on team work is likely due to the reduction in stress increasing the likelihood of being open-minded and supportive of teammates.

Make Relationships Count

Social interaction is as much a part of our well-being as nutritious eats, good sleep and movement. By enhancing our well-being and adopting mindfulness employees are able to make conscious decisions about their words and actions, and tend to avoid letting their negative emotions impact those around them. This effort allows for more respectful relationships in the work place.

Expert Support:

Most companies are throwing corporate wellness at their HR departments in addition to the multiple hats they are already wearing. By inviting in an expert in the wellness community and industry, you are able to create and efficiency in developing corporate wellness and see higher success in its affects within you company.

To learn more about INTEGRATE and get your company involved - learn more and sign up on our event page or contact Sarah Buchanan at