What is Win FOr KC TRi and DU?

Win for KC Triathlon is for any woman wanting to take on a challenge. It is about taking on something that seems potentially impossible and learning you are with out a doubt capable. This is for women of all fitness levels or lack of fitness levels to come together as a community and cheer each other on. Whether a beginner looking to be empowered as well as return triathletes/duathletes looking to support women.

So now that you are on board :) I have included as many resources as I can below and will continue to updated. Know you can sign up any time using my 15% off code, INDULGE. 

I am a voluntary ambassador of this event because I believe it empowers. I want to be clear that is is my genuine promotion of something I believe in and will not be compensated. 


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swim bike run.png


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Reasons you should

I Cant

Sorry but this one is always a load of BS to me. I think anyone is capable of anything. (ok, if you have a broken leg, I get it) but saying I cannot because I hate running or I don't have a pool membership or because you have never done something like this before is BS. A million times BS. The beauty of something like this is doing something you deemed impossible to start. It is a launch pad for you to understand you can achieve anything you put your heart and energy towards. "I can't" is an excuse. I know you can. 

Swimming scares me

Well, swimming is scary. I am not going to sit here and say swimming in open water isn't intimidating even if you've swam before. But there are two reasons you should face this fear - there are opportunities with experts to get out and open water swim. I list them below. Also, there are so many life guards and boats in the water - you will be taken care of. So whatever fear you have, you can put it aside. It will be a challenge but the risk is so very low. 

Next Year

Oh come on. Stop saying next year. Next time. Whether it is this or anything else. If you say next year or later - just take it off your list. You either take it on or you dont.