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SERV Nutrition is a local company that just launched protein drops. OnThey are delicious. They are so good!

SERV protein drops are high-quality whey concentrate protein contains all of the essential amino acids that your body needs for fast muscle recovery post-workout. Our convenient technology allows you to refuel quickly and efficiently while you are on-the-go!

I got a chance to sit down and interview Isaac, Austin and Won - founders of SERV Nutrition.

Why did you start SERV?

We started this about 18 months ago and it has been so much fun. It encompasses who we are and our faith. We believe in giving back. And also the nutrition part. Being three former athletes we want to focus on health, wellness and fitness. So those are the two things we are going to run with, with this company and the passion behind what we do.

How is this different than other proteins out there?

Being former athletes we have used protein a lot in our life and so until Austin had this idea we didn’t know how convenient it could be. When you have powder, you have the tub, you have the scoop, you can’t find the scoop, sometimes you spill the powder. 

Now that it is in the drop, it makes it so convenient to consume on a regular basis. You can take it with you when you’re traveling, you can have it in your bag, you’re not wasting a ton of plastic like the other product and it is more convenient for your lifestyle.

The protein itself is a pretty clean protein, low calorie, low carb + fat, 20g of protein, has a good BCA complex to it too - 5g. We take BCAs anyways so now its nice we can just get it in our protein.

Can you go into a little bit about BCAs

BCAs are your branch chain amino acids. If you think of protein as one large molecule, BCAs are the smaller molecules that bring it all together. Each BCA, there are 5, they each play a different role in your metabolism, your water retention and a lot of things that go on inside of your body. Each one has a key characteristic in function so it is important that you have a full profile of BCAs

Every time I talk to you it is clear that you have really thought through your product. It is not just something cool you thought of but is very useful and includes what is necessary for people to use protein successfully.

Let's talk about your purpose beyond amazing protein. And that is to support children in Uganda. Tell me what that is all about.

When we started SERV we knew giving back was going to be on the forefront of this business. It made sense for us to give back to children and people that are underprivileged. We connected with an amazing company called Feed My Starving Children and they are a nonprofit organization in Minnesota.

They do all sorts of work, they partner with so many different companies. One being ACT which is African Children Today, a junior academy in Uganda. Recently they started a brand new school with 1500 students. We get the opportunity to fund part of that project

The other is Help Again Women. They create sunglasses, bracelets, jewelry, t-shirts in a facility and we provide for that new facility. 

When we initially start the business we had done some much research into donating with purchase with purpose because it has had such a significant impact. And we wanted our customers to feel like they were attached to something that had a substantial impact.

So when ever you purchase a package, we donate a meal to child or woman in Uganda. So they are getting funding for the buildings themselves but getting their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Do you have plans to go visit?

Won: I am actually from Africa and I have seen what it is like. And it is brutal and horrific. Seeing the kids with the big bellies, it’ll change your life. I would like us all to go see that. 

Can you go into detail on the packaging?

The technology is pretty advanced. The packaging of the pod itself is made up of 5 ingredients found in every day food and they are all derived from plants except one ingredient. It is polysorbate 80 and that is found in ice cream and different frozen foods. It keeps everything together so it doesn’t melt. It is completely consumable and made from 100% food-grade ingredients so it won’t have any side affects and it is really convenient. 

After you drop it in water it dissolves in 3-5 seconds, two shakes.

You all are go getters, I am a go getter, a lot of people following INDULGE are go getters. How do people transport it around town? 

The seven pack is great to take on the road or in your purse. One pack is great for taking out for the day. Ziploc bag or in your shaker and just add water. It is durable so it can shake around a bit. And we plan to create a travel case.

See it in action! Just a couple shakes on IGTV.

Anything you’d like to add

For us, when we were building this we feel really strongly in this time of social ventures. We just want people to take a chance on us, support local KC and because we are serving.

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