6 Reasons Why I Wear Garmin

A couple years ago I decided to pull the trigger on a fitness wearable. A couple things had happened. First, I workout A LOT! Both because I love it and because it is my profession. When working out this amount you have to consider the amount of stress you are putting on your body and calculate recovery. It was important that I eat more, sleep enough and track the amount of work I was putting into a day.

I was constantly tired, moody and always hungry. The first two are likely because of the latter. I did extensive research and landed on Garmin. Since then, I have continued to choose Garmin and this is why:

Local - I am so surprised how many people do not realize Garmin is a local company. Get off the highway at I35 and 159th and you CANNOT miss it. I am a big believer in supporting the well-being of our KC metro community.

GPS and data tracking is in their DNA - Garmin has been working with GPS since I was a kid. Without doing the math…. this is a long time. There are a lot of smart technology companies coming out with devices but Garmin has been in this niche for longer than most. This creates a level of trust with the company. Recently becoming and endurance athlete, this is even more important as I want consistency in data for training for long periods of time and comparing my growth.

Best looking wearables - I mean, come on! When I wear my vivomove people are mind blown it is a fitness watch. These babies are fire! We are talking rose gold, silver, black, beautiful suede bands, gah. I would buy/wear it if it weren’t a fitness watch.

Battery Life - Most fitness watched out there require to be plugged in daily to charge. My Garmin watches last an average of a week and that includes when I am using GPS to track my long runs.

Price point - If you compare to other fitness/wellness wearables in the space, you will see that you are getting more bank for you buck. PS - they are having a cyber sale right now that is INCREDIBLE!

Mindfulness + Other features - When I am heading into yoga class, Garmin makes it easy peasy to turn off alerts. I am able to track my sleep (because I don’t have to charge over night), and they recently added a feature to their watches to allow you to track your stress through out the day. This kind of knowledge is the first step in reducing stress… one of the highest health risks in our society today.

So now we are all on the same page right? PS - check out their cyber days sale going on right now. Major saving, yo!

Please please reach out with questions about Garmin on Instagram @we.indulge.