7 Essential Oil Brands YOU Recommended

I have always had essential oils around but have really dug into them this year with my diffuser, using body oils, DIY home cleaning supplies and for my charcoal mala beads. As I am running out I was looking for economical options and got a lot of different recommendations. A couple of the higher priced brands are throwing down for Black Friday so get on it!


Apparently right now is doTERRA’s BOGO week. If someone lets me know how to purchase, I’ll be sure to include and update right here.

but after about 5 minutes on Google and 5 minutes on the site without figuring out how to make it happen, I gave up. SOMEONE SHOW ME HOW TO ADULT!

DoTERRA is one of the top essential oil companies sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils. Definitely worth doing a buy one get one!

Plant Therapy Oils

This is the first I heard from plant therapy and after a quick look at their site I am loving the oil scents they have worked up. Bonus, they are certified organic. Bonus! I also like the community and family owned vibe. That kinda ish gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Young Living Blends + Wholesale

They have a sale going down on Black Friday and apparently it is a BIG DEAL!

Young Living is always tempting to me. They are top dog with doTERRA and many people rely on them for a guaranteed top of the line oil. They are the oils in my CBD bath bombs by Hari Om Hemp. Grab a bath bomb for Hari Om Hemp using the code INDULGE and get 10% off.

Eden’s Garden

Use same farms as the expensive brands, they are 100% pure therapeutic grade. And you can create your own sets and kits. Definitely going to be keeping my eye on this brand specifically tomorrow from Black Friday.

5B & Co Candlemakers in Brookside

Lululemon uses their blend called No Worries on the reg. And I love purchasing form local so this is right up my ally. The No Worries blend is a Tuscan red currant that takes the worries away. Clear your mind and get your sparkle back!

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

RM oils are natural and do not claim to be therapeutic grade or organic. Their scents and blends look incredible. Some I am looking to check out are Fitness, Immune Strength and Breathe Ease during these dry seasons.

NOW Essential Oils

I have grapefruit by Now in my diffuser right now and I love it. Wakes me up, feels clean, smells amazing. I know a lot of people that purchase now, due to price, for their diffuser or non body applying purposes. Check em out!